Rent your own set of snow tires

Not able to purchase a complete set of snow tires, but you want to be safe on the road this winter anyhow? Rent your snow tires now! Make an appointment for snow tires now and we will see you again in 4 months. We take care of changing the tires! Let yourself be informed of the conditions.

Obsessed by tires…

More then 20 years ago Klaas van der Eijk got involved with tires. He gained experience on the garage as well as at the reception. In 2001 he decided to start his own company and moved into a building at the Zekkenweg in Hoek van Holland. The location is easily accessible, the Stena-Line being close by. At this moment Klaas van der Eijk owns a modern business accommodation at Priel 80, Hoek van Holland and has a team of 4 experienced motor mechanics, who will not only be of service to you in the garage, but also on the spot.

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