Rent your own set of snow tires

Not able to purchase a complete set of snow tires, but you want to be safe on the road this winter anyhow? Rent your snow tires now! Make an appointment for snow tires now and we will see you again in 4 months. We take care of changing the tires! Let yourself be informed of the conditions.

With tires, maintenance and tests for trucks, busses and agricultural machines you’re also at the right place with Klaas van der Eijk Tireservice. Get in touch for information, free of obligations.

A shorter braking distance, good road ability and much increased traction? Klaas van der Eijk Tireservice fixes your car, truck or tractor with the best quality tires and with the right tire pressure. You will be save on the road. Klaas van der Eijk Tireservice works with the best and safest tires from well-established brands like: Continental, Semperit, Michelin and Vredestein.

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